Monday, October 18, 2010

Walrus Hunt

Finally! After a month of trying to upload this video, I prevail. As per my mother's request, I am to warn all viewers of gruesome, bloody, or gross videos or pictures. So here is the official warning: This video that Adrienne and I put together is a little gruesome, bloody, or gross. (But also just really awesome.) Many thanks goes to Louis, who gave us permission to post this video and who also gave us some clams from the walrus' belly and part of the walrus' liver. It was not bad eatin'. Enjoy the video!


Suzassippi said...

I think this video was very tastefully done, and illustrates the principle of a "clean kill" in hunting. While it might be disturbing to some, it honors a basic principle of hunting. I don't want to seem disrespectful of the need to be aware that some might be disturbed by the reality, and appreciate that you have followed your mom's request for them to be informed. After all, the meat, chicken and fish we get from Kroger is not the same as beef on the hoof, chicken in the yard, and fish in the ocean, nor how they are transformed from that into the nice packages in the counter.

Mom said...

What a truly amazing experience!