Thursday, October 21, 2010

the first time I ever saw a polar bear

I ordered a new coat made -- one that is made for arctic temperatures. I don't think my Columbia coat will cut it. My new one has a faux-fur ruff, but I hope to eventually buy a polar bear fur ruff and switch it out. It'd be expensive...anywhere from $150 to $300, but how often does a person get a chance to have real polar bear fur on their coat?

This picture was taken at the Philadelphia Zoo. It's the only time I've ever seen a polar bear. I'm in the middle. You can see my excitement compared to that of my sister and my brother. Is this foreshadowing? An overabundance of enthusiasm for arctic animals?

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Amy Rebekah said...

I adore the excitement on your face in this picture. Just amazing. I most likely saw the SAME polar bear those two times I visited the Philly zoo while also visiting relatives. But the penguins were pretty cool; too bad you don't have the best of both poles.