Sunday, October 24, 2010

sing without fear even if you sing very little

They sang this song at church today. I just listened. Inupiaq is such a difficult language. It has sounds I've never heard before. I've included the translation from Inupiaq below. The mayor is letting me borrow the Inupiaq hymn book, which is a collection of photo copied hand-written hymns. I'm going to make some more copies and try to learn some songs.

O Bond of Love

1. aŋaayuwik attuġin
naguunilugu, Jesus
munaqsragut aŋaayuqagut annatiutigut.
atugumain iqsinatin,
atuq awin unniin, miksruq,
atuġumain iqsinatin
attuŋawin unnun mik sruq,

2. nutaamun atuġnatuq,
Jesus-im akzraini
qaqqiaq iniuruq,
suli iniutitiruŋ
kia, kizian aŋayun
taimana sawinava,
kia, kizian aŋayun,
taimana sawinava.

3. qiniłqa simmiyuŋilaq,
uvvaa qaq qiaq suli wine,
aŋaayutim niġi mun,
suli auŋmun simmituq.
innuit, simiqublugit,
Jesus itun itqublugit,
innuit simiqublugit,
Jesus itun itqublugit.

Jesus, maaŋ silam qaqqiaq
ilipnun iliġanamiik,
qibliłqin izriqłutin,
itqublutin uummayimni.


Sing, you faithful, to good Jesus, our Shepherd, our God, our Savior. Sing without fear even if you sing very little. My Jesus, food of heaven, we thank you. Your brightness is hidden. Stay in me. Something now is happening in Jesus' hand. The bread lives and keeps on living. Who but God alone could do this? The appearance is not changed. You see the bread and wine. But they are changed to the flesh and blood of God to change people to be like Jesus.

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Courtney Patrice said...

That's so beautiful! I wish I could hear it.