Tuesday, May 27, 2014

three years ago on Diomede

I was going through some of my Diomede pictures and came across this video. This was about three years ago. It's hard to believe so much time has passed since my Diomede adventure.

Friday, May 16, 2014

aasii | "and then..."

Um, hey. Fancy meeting you here. Long time no talk, am I right?

It's been over a month since I've blogged. And to think that once upon a time I was a devoted daily blogger. What happened? I even used to READ blogs.

I'm trying to remember what are all the blissful Barrow moments that the world of blogosphere needs to experience through me vicariously. Really, my life has become pretty boring/busy up in the North. But here are a few snapshots of life since I've been MIA.

#1. There's some serious cuteness going on in Barrow. And her name is Quya. (Remember, folks, you pronounce it Koy-yuh.)

#2. This is the Barrow High School parking lot. Of course, once things started melting, kids started using ATVs or just their legs. 

#3. Cool house in Barrow.

#4. Beware deathly icicles!

#5. Beautiful sunrise in the cemetery.

#6. And then this happened. A blizzard. On May 5th. School was canceled, but not for teachers.

#7. The new hospital is nice. Really nice. And artsy. 

#8. Quya got to play with one of the homeless dogs at the vet. Too cute.

#9. I asked some of my boys to stack the books neatly on the table. 
Clearly, books are just a poor man's blocks. Boys will be boys!

#10. Yeah. He didn't do so well on this assignment. Nice touch, that d.g.a.f. In case you are like I am and had to ask a more-informed person about this abbreviation, it means "don't give a f...." Isn't that just darling? (Bonus point for you: Can you find my two typos in the assignment instructions?)

#11. But for every ungrace that exists in this world, there are double (times infinity) the graces that our Father gives us. Sorry for the blurriness of these photos, but these are two quick pictures of rather large paintings that two students made for my classroom. Seriously, guys, Barrow's got some TALENT. (Did I mention that they've won the state migratory bird art contest two years in a row now? Go, Whalers!) These paintings were done on ceiling tile, and they'll be installed in my classroom over the summer. Yay!

#12. Flying over the Brooks Range never gets old.