Monday, September 13, 2010

swimmers between the island

A few weeks ago, several filmmakers from the Dominican Republican came to Little Diomede to film Marcos Diaz swim between Little and Big Diomede. Although I didn't get to meet Marcos, I did get to talk to two of the filmmakers. Their project is called Swim Across the Continents. I enjoyed talking to these amazing guys. Their documentary is meant to "unite the continents in favor of the Millenium Development Goals." You can learn more about this project at their website. The documentary should come out in December.

Marcos Diaz isn't the only one who has been swimming between the islands. About a week ago a herd of walruses was swimming towards the south. After school I received a Skype message from Joe: "Big herd of walruses outside!" Adrienne and I ran outside and headed to the helipad to watch with the others from the village. Some of the men grabbed their guns, but most of the men called to the walruses, which sounds like deep husky hooting. The next day one of my students came to school without any voice because he called for the walruses all evening. Walrus calling brings them closer to the rocks, making it easier to shoot them and pull them up with a lasso around their ivory tusks.

I have a video which I hope to post later this week. Until then, here are some pictures. I can't wait to see the walruses floating on ice floes. The way time flies here, it will be soon...


tacy said...

Amazing.They are huge!
What do they do with walrus? Just eat it?
And I love the randomness of the kid hanging over his dad's back. :)

Meredith said...

They eat the walrus -- organs, blubber, meat, and skin. They also use the ivory and carve jewelry out of it. You want some ivory earrings for Christmas?!?!

Amy said...

Amazing photos, Meredith! That walrus they shot was HUGE! It's so cool seeing all those walrus swimming like that. Seems like it would be hard to swim with their giant tusks.

Isn't it cool seeing animals in the wild? So much different from seeing them in a zoo or aquarium, don't you think?

Meredith said...

Thanks, Amy! I know - the walrus was so big! I couldn't believe it. It was really great to be able to see them so close.

There were some killer whales swimming between the two islands yesterday, but they were shy. I only saw a fin one time.

tacy said...

No I want you to bring me back some blubber for christmas.
(((gag))) :)