Wednesday, September 22, 2010

our bungalow

Well, lucky me, Diomede had about an hour of blissful, speedy Internet today. I've been trying to upload this photo all week, and finally, here it is. This picture was taken on a beautiful, sunny day. I've been amazed at how many sunny days we've had lately. This is the third one in a row. The temperatures have been in the lower 50s. A sunny day makes everything feel warm, even if you can see your breath.

So, this is our cute little duplex up on the hill. Adrienne and I have been coming up with a list of names to describe our home other than "duplex," and we've decided that we prefer bungalow, cottage, or domicile.

Our bungalow is right behind the school. Willis lives on the left side, and Adrienne and I live on the right side. Sandra and Joe have an apartment that is inside the school. So, now you know where the entire staff of Diomede School resides. Good thing the island is inaccessible...otherwise I might be worried about stalkers.

There are, in fact, 72 steps from the school to the house. I'm finally getting used to walking up that many steps multiple times a day. It's really not so bad if you do it a lot.


Amy Rebekah said...

i am partial to bungalow, but how does one go up those steps on icy days?!

Meredith said...

I am not sure! I will let you know when winter comes.

tacy said...

We have around 45 steps up to our third floor apartment. And yes- you get used to it... even with a toddler, a pregnant belly, and a few bags of school books or groceries! (well I'm used to it, but that doesn't mean I don't huff and puff). :D

What a cute bungalow! I love the color.

Sandy said...

Great photo!

Courtney Patrice said...

Step aerobics! This is beautiful. What a sky!

Alias said...

Wow, I almost died every time I tried to climb the stairs up to the terraces at Toccoa. This looks like a lot more steps. Honestly, stair climbing is one of the BEST exercises to get you in shape. You'll be in good shape before you know it!

I love looking at the pictures you take. You have turned into quite the photographer! You have inspired me to be more creative!