Tuesday, September 7, 2010

up top

Last Sunday I went to the Catholic church with the mayor and her husband. It was a small crowd (total of four people), but it's a nice little church. We listened to mass on the radio from Nome. Afterward we three up on the cliff (Willis, Adrienne, and I) went to eat lunch with the principal and her husband, Sandra and Joe. Their house should be called the Quinn Restaurant because it is fine dining every time we visit. They are incredible chefs -- Thai food, coconut salmon and shrimp, boiled clams with Louisiana hot sauce. The day was so pretty that we decided to spend it outside, so Joe, Willis, Adrienne, and I went up top on the island.

The wind was gentle,
the waves calm,
the birds talkative,
the water deep blue,
and the ground bright green.
It was a beautiful day.

Side Note: The Great Lake Swimmers are so awesome that they let me use their song "Pulling on a Line" in my little video. They are one of my favorite bands, and you should check them out at their website!


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Pretty awesome, Meredith! Still waiting for those walrus pictures, though! :)