Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Suvat? | What's up?

Suvat? = What's up?

I'm glad you asked.

 Skyline was observed.

Walruses and geese were hacked.

Darkness descended. Streetlights were lit.

 Sun peeked out.

John visited.

Whales were caught.

Large pencils were used.

Tundra was explored.

The ocean was entered.

Congrats, John & Chad. You are now members of the Polar Bear Plunge Club.

In case you are wondering, the temperature of the water was 27 degrees. 
The air temp was in the 20s. Not sure what the wind chill was that day though.

Today's Stats:

Temperature: 23 F
Wind Speed: NW 14 mph
Wind Chill: 11 F 
Sunrise: 10:58 A.M.
Sunset: 5:21 P.M.

Quyanaqpak, Father, for...
dog-training shock collars
pumpkin bread
forgiveness 7 x 70 times
Christmas lights year-round
sweet parents in parent-teacher conferences
getting Inuit Day off of school in November

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