Thursday, March 17, 2011

week in Nome

We've had beautiful weather for almost two weeks. This is a picture of the plane we took to Nome. It seats about nine or ten people.
On the way to Nome...

Funny girl.
The ice can be blinding.
I sat behind the pilots.

On Sunday night we went to St. Joseph Catholic Church to watch eskimo dancing, and there were several Diomeders there participating. It was really fun! I only danced during one song and very badly.

These two were very impressive!
The girls were addicted to the smoothies at Airport Pizza. Ain't no smoothies out on Diomede...
This is the beautiful NACTEC house where the students from the district's villages stay during their sessions.

The middle schoolers from Diomede, Shaktoolik, and Gambell.
Homework time!
I should work so hard. :)
The simulators in the NACTEC house. Pretty cool!
I love the art in the NACTEC house!

At NACTEC, the students have to make their own meals.

This is me and one of my students getting the lettuce ready for tacos!

Signing each other's T-Shirts. It was it was camp!

 I love this picture. This was somewhere in between Nome and Diomede.

 And finally, Little and Big Diomede.
 The north side of Little Diomede.
Little and Big Diomede.

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Suzassippi said...

Thanks for sharing--great story and pictures. (I like your hair, too. Looks like someone got a haircut whilst home.)