Saturday, August 28, 2010

holding a bird

Some of the kids gathered on my front porch. The one you see above is holding a little bird. He said, "We only had to catch 10 of 'em, but I caught 20."

"What do you do with the birds you catch?" I asked.

"We kill 'em, and then we eat 'em!"


Sandy said...

What a sweet face! Amazing how matter-of-fact he is about catching/killing/eating the little birds. Kids here think that food comes from Wal-Mart or Bi-Lo, and mst don't even realize that a hamburger started out as a cow.

Sandy said...

Luke said, "What's him holding?"
"A bird," I said.
"Why him's holding the bird?"
"Well, he's going to eat the bird for his dinner."
"No, him's not going to eat the bird!" he replied with a definite shake of his head.