Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hiking Up Mount Baldy

 Someone parachuting off of Mount Baldy...flying over Anchorage.

Kira is a school counselor for the BSSD, and Adrienne is my housemate and fellow teacher on Diomede.

 The tundra grass was so soft and spongy. It was great to lie down on. (Photo Credit: Kira)

We had a difficult time crossing the little "river." (Photo Credit: Adrienne)

This video was taken at the top of Mount Baldy in Eagle River, AK. It was breathtakingly beautiful up there.

This is Adrienne and Kira walking down the side of the hill. I felt like I was in The Sound of Music.


Sandy said...

Beautiful! Looks like you are having a great time!

Amy Rebekah said...

gorgeous pictures. a couple of them almost look like iceland.

Drew and Rachel said...

incredible. your companions seem cool.