Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kivgik, the Messenger Feast

Here's a short video from Kivgik, the messenger feast. 

And here is a video of the Little Diomede and King Island Dancers from Kivgik 2013!

Quyanaqpak, Father, for...
a blizzard day - no school!
good sermons
intelligent conversation
laughter in the midst of stress
morning snuggles from Quya
Valentine's Day brownies from sweet neighbors

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Suzassippi said...

Quyanaqpak--must mean thank you. I second it--two snow days and no school, even in Mississippi. I love lentil soup and anything Moroccan food, good sermons, intelligent conversation, laughter--really love laughter, snuggles morning noon or night from a dog, brownies from anyone, and payday--always good.