Saturday, September 27, 2014

naluksaaq | to plunge into water, or THE POLAR BEAR PLUNGE (dun dun dunnnn)

Guess what? I actually did it. Yep, I was completely covered head to toe in the waters of the Arctic Ocean. I did the Polar Bear Plunge.

Sorry for the shakiness of the camera. It was taken via a friend's iPhone who messaged it to me as a text, but apparently, it had a rough time of it when it went into the Arctic Interwebz Vortex.

Before the plunge. We looked cold even before getting wet. Well, it was 27 degrees with wind chill of 16 degrees. See? 

Thankfully, we did the Polar Bear Plunge before the high surfs come in!


1, 2, 3, GO!

This is my favorite pic. I love it.

The shock was intense. I fell into some kind of hole, just dropped down, so I was completely soaked. I started feeling my body go numb almost immediately! I wanted to get out ASAP.

Run away, run away, run away!!!

We did. We went to Chad & Melissa's house, which is on the beach, took off all wet clothing, warmed up, and drank hot tea. 

Good day.


Suzassippi said...

Well, I salute you for bravery and willingness, not sure I would have done the same!

Meredith Beck said...

Thanks, Susie!