Sunday, October 13, 2013

pikiaġaq | to jump in and out of water, or how to be completely awesome

A few weeks ago, my college friend Amy visited all the way from Taiwan, where she teaches English. She was returning to the states for the first time in a year and a half, and her first stop was Barrow. So, of course, since she was at the top of the world, she had to do the polar bear plunge!

Let's just say that it was CRAZY cold, and it probably wasn't the wisest idea doing the polar bear plunge without any nearby medical help available.

But hey, now she can say she's done it. :)

More later...


Rachel said...

hey Meredith! hey Meredith!
I've been busier this fall with schoolwork, so a little less time on the computer. Still, I am always appreciative of these vignettes you share. Both your blogs are full of meaningful, thoughtful, beautiful things. I trust all is well. Rachel

Meredith Beck said...

Thanks, Rach! I miss you. We need to catch up.