Friday, August 23, 2013

Quya Meets Barrow

Mount Rainier from up above!

Quya handled her flight fairly well. She was sedated and groggy for most of the trip, but really happy to get out in Barrow.

The beach on a sunny morning.

Quya is still getting used to the leash. When she first started walking on the leash, she would randomly sit down and plop her little bottom on my feet. Cutest. thing. ever.

The ocean.

There's quite a bit for Quya to be curious about in Barrow...

And some things, I don't want her to be curious about. 

Typical puppy.  Honk shu, honk shu.

Quya and I have created a route that we walk in the afternoons. We walk in a field next to my apartment building, walk by the cemetery, and alongside the lagoon, which ends up creating a loop back to my building.

I think I actually like the lagoon more than Quya does, but I make her go walk near it.

I've discovered the panorama feature on my camera! This is a view of the cemetery and lagoon.

And sometimes the sky isn't so pretty, but it still can make for a pretty picture.

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