Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Two weeks ago, my friend Heidi came over for dinner, and she said, "Are you sure you aren't going to be able to come to Anchorage for a weekend?" I'd been toying with the idea of a trip, but couldn't find any decent deals on Alaska Airlines. However, I decided to check one last time, and lo and behold -- a sale! I used some miles and purchased a round-trip ticket for $7.50 to Anchorage. Nice, huh? So, this past weekend, I visited Heidi, her friend Nannie, her brother, cousin, and another of their friends. 

Day 1: We drove to Talkeetna about two hours outside of Anchorage. Needless to say, the drive is unbelievably beautiful.

On the way to Talkeetna.

Beautiful mountains.

We rented a cabin from the Roadhouse, a restaurant/cabin rental place. I was so excited about the chickens running around Trapper John's, the cabin we rented.

Trapper John's Cabin. Cute, no?

I totally felt like a homesteader in this cabin. 

I could live here. Permanently.

The outhouse. There was a toilet and bathtub in the cabin though (a new addition, I am told), but the showers were at the main lodge.

Even Santa has to use the outhouse sometimes.

The chicken coop.

The back of the cabin.

The beautiful Heidi. She blends into her surroundings pretty well.

In & around Talkeetna.

Lotsa planes.

The Fairview Inn is a bar/music venue. Heidi, Nannie, the guys, and I went to Open Mic night, which was a lot of fun. Heidi and I made a promise that we will practice a song to perfection on our guitars and come back and perform here sometime.

Open Mic Night.

Talkeetna in the sunshine. I got up earlier than everyone and walked all around town. Such a beautiful day, and I didn't need my arctic coat. Heavenly.

Mt. McKinley.

 Me & Heidi. She is a Cabela's girl all the way.

Nannie from Nuiqsut. She's awesome!

We tried to go fishing, but had no luck. Too early.

After spending the day in Talkeetna, we went to Girdwood and ate dinner at Double Musky's. I went there last year when I went skiing in Girdwood, and oh my gosh, this is my favorite restaurant in Alaska. If you are ever in Alaska, you must go there. It's perfect. I also highly recommend the Slope Worker's Coffee. I got it because I work on the Slope, and it's good stuff.

So, I flew back to Barrow on Sunday night, and then on Monday, guess what happened? My niece was born! I am now the proud aunt of FOUR nieces and one nephew!

Welcome to this weird little planet, Madeleine Esther! 

Read about her crazy entrance into the world here. My brother ended up delivering the baby!


Suzassippi said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!

aimes said...

Congrats on the nephew!
What a beautiful place!

aimes said...

Sorry... meant to say niece :)

Amy Rebekah said...

beautiful place! and i ADORE the cabin.