Saturday, February 11, 2012

magical sky

 I wish I could pack the sky in a suitcase and bring it back to the lower 48 to show you all. The sky in Barrow is magical. When it is dark, the moon glistens, and the streetlights make everything yellow. When the sun rises, the sky turns the most beautiful blue I've ever seen. I will try to take a picture of it to show you... even though I know it won't do it justice.

This is the street I live on.

Sorry for the blurriness. I am thinking about getting an ATV, or as they call them in Barrow "Hondas." No joke. If I were joking, I'd say "I jokes" really fast at the end of the sentence, which is how they say "just kidding" in Barrow.

My bulletin board by my door. Hot pink polar bear!

I decided to go with "Miss Beck" instead of "Ms. Beck."
Ms. Beck sounds so stuffy and matronly to me for some reason.

We've had quite a lot of snow the past few days, but they only cancel school if it is below -40. At that temperature, wheels turn into a square shape and won't roll. It's true.

Yes. People walk here. One of my students has frostbite scars all over his face and hands. And his forehead is peeling all sorts of grossness because he doesn't protect his face.

I saw a girl wearing knee-length sweat pants and standing right outside the store for a smoke break. Bare shins and -30 degrees out, not including wind chill.

The pathway to my side of the house.

Random crib and tires under my house.

Random pirate ship in my yard.

My neighborhood, "Browerville."

My house.


Jessica Melin said...

So, do the tires return back to their circular shape whenever it warms back up???? I was very concerned about the tires when I read this. ha. Not to mention the little boys face. He totally needs to help wear a face guard or something.

Sandy said...

I can't get over the pirate ship in your yard--and I'm looking forward to summer when we can get a better look at it! Maybe you can find out why it's there.

Anonymous said...

These pics look like our city right now with all the snow,except for the -30. Does the snow ever melt in Barrow? How warm does it get in summer?