Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ice is a fickle monster

It's after 1 a.m. I am packing, and my mind is abuzz. Tomorrow we are leaving the island for our break. We thought we were leaving Friday, but we have a perfect weather/ice window tomorrow that would enable us to make our escape. You know, ice is a fickle monster. It toys with my emotions...or at least it has been for the past few days. On Thursday and Friday, the ice and slush came. On Saturday we had a beautiful day with lily pad ice. Then, on Sunday all of the ice melted, and September waves returned. This was bad news for the teachers who wanted to go home for Christmas. The chopper will only take us if there is ice -- enough ice to land on in case of an engine failure. So, back and forth, for the past few weeks -- Yes, we'll get out for Christmas, wait, no, it looks like we might be stranded. Back and forth, back and forth. I think my mom had the entire church praying for ice to build up in the Bering Strait. What a weird prayer. Well, on Monday, big slushy waves were crashing on the shore, but today (by today I mean Tuesday, and not the actual day it really is) was all quiet. No waves, just slush that does what slush does best -- it slushes. Some thin layers of ice float in between the two islands. From what I understand, after the chopper delivers mail tomorrow, we'll hitch a ride to Wales, which is about 20 miles away on the mainland. Then we'll take a flight to Nome. After Nome is Anchorage, then Seattle, then Atlanta. Long trip, but worth it for a few weeks home.

 Sunset 3:45ish p.m.
 Ice around sunset today.
 Ice to the north of us.


Jessica Melin said...

CRAZY! But at least you get home a few days early...or do you (seems like a longer trip than originally planned)? Funny how you are relying solely on ice to get you home. An adventure for sure. If anything would cause a panic in me it would be having to rely on water freezing to get me home for Christmas. I think I would've freaked if I were you! Glad you are coming home :)

Suzassippi said...

I was showing your recent post to Randy, who was bemoaning the ice. I explained, "No, they WANT it to ice!" Glad it came through for you, and safe travels and a wonderful time at home!