Saturday, June 19, 2010

The first shipment.

Today I mailed 74 lbs. of my possessions to Diomede, Alaska. It's becoming more real -- the fact that I am moving to Alaska! Some days I forget.

I used two 20 gal. Sterlite totes which were about $6 each. I packed them full -- dishes, towels, sweaters, the inner-liner of my parka, my Sorel boots, etc. One tote was 32 lbs. which cost about $36. The other tote was 42  lbs. costing about $46. Total cost including confirmation notices for each box = $86.

 Dad used his drill to make six holes on the lid and tote. I used zip ties to keep the lid sealed tight. 

The school address. Everything will be kept at the school until I get there. I hope everything arrives safely. I have heard that the cold can shatter Sterlite totes, but I think they'll be okay in the "heat" of August. I still have two more totes to ship up, but I have to pack them first!

I thought about packing Luke, but I considered the legal implications of such an action and decided against it. I sure will miss him!

On a side note, tomorrow I leave for Baltimore for the Success for All conference. I'm excited that I'll be meeting a lot of BSSD teachers there! Can't wait!


Suzassippi said...

I can't wait until you get there and we can hear all about your adventures. I wish I were going to Alaska in the "heat" of the summer--it is 100 here today!

Meredith said...

100 degrees! Wow! I bet the humidity makes it worse! It's been in the low/mid 90s in Chattanooga lately...

Dani said...

Hey Meredith! I'm so excited for you! So, by way of facebook, I discovered that a guy I went to church with growing up is headed to Alaska to teach too. His name is Matt Fortson...I have no idea where he's teaching but what a small world, eh? If you meet him... tell him I said hello!

Also. I'm quite pumped about following this blog of yours. You are so stinking cool! Enjoy being awesome.

--Dani. ha.