Thursday, February 13, 2014

Studentism #2

"A tradition I would start at my school. First, the tradition is that the high school in Anchorage because to see what they are learning over there. Also, the Anchorage to see what we are doing here. Then, see what kind of things they do of there and differet things we have in commin. In a ddition, It is kind of nice to meet new people from Anchorage high school. All in All, a exchange program will be ? cool."

The sad thing is that this kid did his absolute best.
Father, help to me know how to teach.


Lana Pugh said...

Kids are kids everywhere. I took Comp II in college with several young men that did not write any better than this. I grew up and continue to live in Mississippi. Do the best you can and know that you're one more person that cares what they make of themselves.

Meredith Beck said...

So true! Thanks for the encouragment, Lana! :)